Hello students and parents.  This site is for Ms. LeFevre's eighth grade English classes.  Look under documents (on the menu on the upper left of this page) for the class disclosure, curriculum,  and some assignments.  Check the dates.  

     Your student may need to access the Achieve3000 program at home.  Achieve 3000 tests students for their reading lexile scores and matches individualized assignments to students to help them improve their reading skills.  
    The Achieve 3000 username is usually = ut directly followed by the SSID number.
    The password is st directly followed by the lunch number.
  To complete a lesson unless other instructions are given:  1)  Answer the before reading poll.  Type one complete, correct sentence in the response box.  2)  Read the article.  Beneath each paragraph that includes a blue word, click on the symbol (looks like a recycling symbol).  Click on setting the purpose.  Type in five key words about the paragraph you just read.  That's it for that part.  3)  Do the activity.  Answer the questions.  4)  Answer the one question post-reading poll.  5)  Respond to the thought question in writing.  Write at least a five line paragraph.  Revise and edit your response.  
Emailing me at alefevre@tooeleschools.org is one of the best ways for parents to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Also, my phone number at the school is 435-833-1939 ext. 3285.                                          To access UtahCompose, a link is available under documents.  Your username is 000 directly followed by your SSID.  Passwords vary.