Foundations I & II

Welcome. Please see the disclosure file below for more information about both foundations I and II classes.

The purpose of this class is to explore and experience various art techniques and processes which are necessary for essential neurobiological systems to evolve in human beings.

Research shows that Art is received visually and enhances whole brain learning which involves a strong spacial sense (Howard Gardner 1983, 1999), a highly cognitive process that involves problem solving, and improves reading and math scores.

Taking art will increase the following:
   -increase your technology skills
   -improve student based learning especially in areas about art elements/principles of design/art history
I believe that art
   -teaches problem-solving skills
   -helps develop essential neurobiological systems
  - promotes higher-thinking processes
 - it may increase the student’s love of learning and enhance long term meaningful learning by encouraging different ways of thinking that enhances whole brain learning which may unlock a hidden gift.

David Fritzler,
Sep 23, 2015, 3:07 PM