Bybee's Spanish Classes

Bienvenidos a la clase de Espanol!

     I am excited to start a new year and meet all of my new students!  This year is going to be one like no other.  Recently the foreign language curriculum was updated throughout the district to accommodate new and improved methods of teaching foreign languages and I look forward to incorporating this new curriculum into my classroom even more than last year!  There are a lot of new resources and the focus will be on language acquisition.  It will not be easy; it will be a lot of work but we will get through one step at a time!    

     Please remember that I am always available to help you in anything you need, just let me know!  To contact me you can e-mail me at  Parents, there are links under parent resources to the left that are specifically for you.  The previous communications page is information that has changed recently that is still relevant, such as the messages I leave below.  Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns you may have and I will be happy to work with you. 


Below are links to access the most important assignments in my class. I also give paper copies of these things during class.

Listening Log FAQs click here  

Introductory Presentation Resources click here (due by December 15th for 1st semester students and May 15th for 1/2 year 2nd semester students)  

2nd Semester Spanish I Presentation Choices & Spanish II Classes (for Students who have Already Done the Intro Presentation) click the following: Hispanic Cultural Projects.docx 
-The Contract for the Cultural Project as well as the rubric for grading are after the Presentation Choices in the cultural projects link above.
-May 15th is the Deadline to complete and present the projects to the class for 2nd semester full year classes. 
-Hispanic Cultural Project Resources & FAQs click here

     I am glad you found this section!  I want to communicate with you and the kids in my class frequently and I do that here in this section of this page.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me for the quickest response.  

     Just a reminder, learning a foreign language is a LIFELONG PROCESS and this class is not the same as other classes, so my approach is much different than other classes.  I do not use the book except as an extra resource when needed because no one can learn language effectively out of a book.  A person has to experience the language and that is what I try and do with my students.  I give them opportunities to experience the language in a variety of different ways.  Learning any language is not easy.  It requires listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  I focus on those areas daily.  I do not expect my students to leave Spanish being fluent in the language but I do expect that they try to use the language and not give up when it gets difficult.  Students are going to make mistakes in the language and I am okay with that.  I want to be encouraging and helpful in that process so students are successful and ultimately responsible for their own learning.    

Lastly, due to the increase in technology usage for my classes, if you are okay with your child bringing their own device to my class for educational purposes only, please allow them to.  If not, I respect that.


The goal of the year, and every moment in a foreign language class, is to be able to communicate in Spanish over a variety of different topics.  This communication is NOT easy and it will require a lot of work and effort but it will be worth it in the end.  This page will help to accomplish our goals and provide extra opportunities to grow in our language abilities no matter what class you are in.  Remember to take things on one day at a time and if you get discouraged, stop, breathe, and continue on and you will accomplish great things!

Extra Practice

 The following links will be helpful in accessing your specific Spanish level and class period.  You can also find this list under Site Quick Links on the left of this page.
Introductory Spanish                      Spanish I                           Spanish II
ALL CLASSES: Listening Log Form click the following "Listening Log.pdf
                     (use if you did not receive one or you lost it)

PARENTS/STUDENTS: Expectation Letter can be found below.

Spanish Intro & I:   
Parent letter about class expectations.docx 

panish II:  Parent letter for Spanish II about class expectations.docx

Spending time in the language is extremely important and I require it from my students.  There are a large number of resources available online that you can use to reinforce your language learning abilities or to help those learning a different language and I encourage you to use as many of these resources as possible.  You can find these resources in the link "Recursos Generales" found below.

I will be continually updating this list to provide you with up to date information and the latest links and resources in foreign language education.  Have fun and buena suerte!

This is another site I made that also has practice activities and links too.

Calendar Items for Class and School
Please pay attention to the class Calendar Dates and Deadlines page for important due dates and deadlines for Spanish class.  I will update it as quickly and completely as possible when needed.  Also, click here to access the CNJJH School Calendar.

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