Kevin Thomson - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Personal Vision:  

I’m a kind, light-hearted playful creator of memorable moments. I provoke change and challenge the comfort zones of myself and others. I embrace wisdom, friendships, the elevation of happiness and the happiness of elevation. I am present and I am ready.

2019 update

I've spent three years on a new project that was to be launched in 2018. We called it "SkyHugger - Lions Gate Bridge Climb" and we received permission from Province of BC to do a trial period. Then came the controversy, and the election and the new Minister of Transportation who denied the project.

Yet it still remains viable and we will persevere.

Meanwhile, I have been given the incredible opportunity to work alongside David Katz in the development of his "Plastic Bank" idea ( This exciting social enterprise exists to stop ocean plastic through revealing value in the material and the ethical collection of it throughout the developing world. An incredible global team and an irresistible vision of what could occur. It is an honour to be part of this adventure.

  • 1992 to 1999 - Carpe Diem Adventures (inspiring people to expand their comfort zone)
  • 1999 - (solo run across from Vancouver to St. John’s celebrating Canada’s unity heading into the 21st millenium)
  • 2000 - 2001 - (attempting to break human-powered record from Halifax to Vancouver on a car powered by 4 crazy people using a rowing stroke)
  • 2002 - 2006 - Rackets and Runners ( (inspiring fitness)
  • 2007 - 2013 - TOIT Events and GranFondo Canada (www.toitevents.comand (delivering quality running events and bringing the GranFondo concept to Canada in Whistler, Banff and Niagara Falls)
  • 2014 - Blue Ocean Minds - (this was the brain centre for what would become SkyHugger)
  • 2015-2018 - SkyHugger - Lions Gate Bridge Climb proposal to Province of BC
  • 2018 - present - Plastic Bank (

You can reach me at kevin(at)