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Why Should I attend the Tom Pratt Skills Camp?

It is the first camp of the year and will ensure that your group gets the year started right. 

This camp helps prepare you for the year and goes well with the next 3 Scout camps in the year, Senator Buchanan, Iron Scout, and A50 Challenge skills camp.

The Woodsman Program has been developed so 1st year Scouts get their permits for: knife, stove & lantern, match & fire, and axe & saw. 1st year Scouts also learn basic shelters, and knots. This program is will give Scouts a hands-on experience. Scouts will be rotating through programs throughout the day. Each program will last one hour with about 20 minutes of instruction time, followed by hands-on use and practice.

While 1st year Scouts are learning new skills, 2nd and 3rd year Scouts can do Pioneering, Culinary Skills, or Winter Skills. Pioneering will build shelters and structures.

Culinary Skills is for second and third year Scouts to learn new skills and ideas. Culinary Skills participants will learn how to make gourmet meals at a reasonable cost and kitchen set-up. Winter Skills will have participants learn about survival in a winter camp and prepare them for Senator Buchanan.

Second and Third year Scouts can take the Leadership program and FAST training. The Leadership program is for those Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders who wish to develop better leadership skills. This group of Scouts with their mentors, will be responsible for Saturday’s Ceremonial Campfire and Sunday’s Scouts Own.

Finally, First Aid will be open to 3rd year Scouts, Venturers, and registered Scouters. Priority will be given to Youth participants.

Venturers will use their leadership skills and teach the Scouts about the different skills in the different programs.

First Year Scouters will have the opportunity to have some hands-on learning activities and sessions.

Tom Pratt Skills Camp requires a certain amount of volunteers to step up and run activities, if there are not enough volunteers, Scouters will be asked to help. Volunteers can request which program they want to volunteer for, but spots are on a first come first served basis.

We all learn by doing, and seeing how others do it...

The Camp location is at Hope Mission Bragg Creek, the Camp Gardner location September 22th - 24th.

Tom Pratt Skills Camp is a self sufficient camp.

That means attendees must bring their own food, water, tents, and all other applicable camping gear.

All water is potable.

Reminder to fill out a camping and outdoor activity form and hand it in to Chinook office.

All risks have been done and we follow camp safety policies.

There is no Saturday lunch supplied.