Tech Summit - October 24, 2012

Intel® Teach Program
Celebrating 11 Years of Teacher Training Around the World

Essential Question...
How can technology be used most effectively to support and assess student learning?

Follow the agenda below, but the only address you really need to remember is...

YouTube Video

1. What does technology integration look like? 

Explore the Intel Odyssey Website. 
1a. Go to: 
1b. Click on Find Ideas Button
1c. Explore the Story Finder – Find one stories that are meaningful to you.
1d. What characteristics are demonstrated in these stories? Use Checklist.

2. How do you design learning experiences that promote 21st Century Skills and Common Core Standards?
Build Your Curriculum Design Skills
2a. Go to:
2b. Explore curriculum development resources.

3c. Explore unit plans.

2d. View Essentials Course syllabus

3. How can I get my students to think with technology?
Use Intel Teach Tools

3a. Go to:

3b. Visual Ranking Tool Activity
UserName: team01, team02, team03, team04, team05, team06
 team01, team02, team03, team04, team05, team06
Teacher ID: tdiener

3c. Explore Seeing Reason Tool

3d. Explore Showing Evidence Tool

4. How do you create your own Teacher Workspace?
4a. Create and account by navigating to any of the tools in item 3
Click on Teacher Workspace
Click on Click Here to Register

4b. Record your username and password

5. How do I create a Visual Ranking Activity?
5a. Visual Ranking Tutorial

6. How do I use the Assessing Projects Tool
6a. Assessing Projects Tool Tutorial
Note: All tools use the same user name and password

7. How do you learn best practices? 

Be a Connected Educator - Join the Intel Engage Community
7a. Go to: 
Intel Teach uses single sign on. You will use this username and password for all Intel Teach tools.
7c. Add your profile.

7d. Explore resources.
7e. Start a discussion or reply to a discussion.
7f. Join the NYS UserGroup in Intel's Engage Community

8. How can I learn more?
Take an Intel Elements Course

YouTube Video

8a. Watch more Intel Elements videos.

Go to:

8b. Preview the Elements Courses
Go to:

Project Based Approaches eLearning

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom eLearning  

Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms eLearning   

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century eLearning 

Thinking Critically with Data 

Science Inquiry and Designing Blended Learning Elements