Recommended School Supplies for all TTA students except as noted
 Three Ring Binder, Any Style, Any Color  

 Notebook Paper Single Subject Spiral Notebooks for each subject 9th & 11th grade English requires a three subject notebook for use only in English Class 7th grade Pre-Engineering Technology Quadrille ruled bound composition book.
 Pocket dividers for notebook to hold finished assignments  
 Pouch for binder with pens, pencils, eraser, scissors, colored pencils, highliighter  
 Pocket Folders for each class  
 Earbuds or headphones. two cheap pairs are better than one expensive pair. These are easily lost or broken.  
 Safety Glasses Buy inexpensive versions they get lost, broken or scratched easily Student should always have a spare pair. They cannot enter labs without them.  
 Scientific Calculator Grades 7-11 Graphing Calculator Pre-Calculus (12th Grade)