Facility Advisory Committee

Toledo School District is evaluating the state of the district's facilities and preparing a facilities study and survey report. The last report was completed in 2010 and indicated a need to modernize Toledo High School. The high school was built in 1975 and few updates have been done since that time. The Facilities Advisory Committee will work with a consultant to prepare the study and then make recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to respond to facility needs. It is anticipated that the scope of any project would require a bond measure. The committee would prioritize projects and also make a recommendation to the Board on how to fund those projects.

In an effort to keep our community informed on the work of the committee, all documents and work products will be posted to this webpage. In addition, the committee invites patrons who are interested to attend the monthly meetings of the committee held in the THS library at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month. Those who wish to make a commitment to serve on the committee are invited to make their desire known by signing in  at the meeting with a phone number for contact. Those who wish to be spectators are invited to come and go as they desire.

The committee's target is to have recommendations to the Board in time for their August meeting so that if a bond measure is recommended, there is time to prepare it for the February, 2017 ballot.

For more information regarding the work of the committee or clarification of the documents here, please contact Chris Rust at 864-6325.

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June 27, 2017

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