Cybersmart: Smart and Legal - Learning intention:
We are learning to understand what our responsibilities are when accessing and using digital content to learn, create, and share.



Make a copy of the Google Slides by clicking on the green 'make a copy' button, it will save to your Drive. Rename your copy (Y7/8 file into your 'Health' folder).
Your teacher will work through the slide presentation with the class, it'll take about one and a half sessions to explore, discuss, and take notes on the information and ideas related to the 'Harmful Digital Communications Act'.

Using the ideas discussed and the notes you've taken on your copy of the slide presentation, create a DLO that would help a person deal with harmful digital communications, and let them know that a laws exist to protect them. Use your Chromebook, laptop, or smartphone. You can work in a team or alone. Note: A 'DLO' means a 'digital learning object', like a poster, movie, animation, recorded song, etc - it just needs to be digital, or capture your creative response.
If you are keen to share your work on social media, lt your teacher know - it would be great to share a powerful message around our school and the community. Y7/8s - add to your blog.
Information for schools and teachers:
Resources for educators to foster safer online communities through digital citizenship, click the Netsafe logo:
  Information for whanau and parents:
A wealth of resources directly relevant to children and young people in New Zeland Aotearoa today, click the Netsafe logo:

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