Micras Initiative Trading Organisation

MI Trading is designed to be simple, compatible with the MCS resource map, and encourage economic development and cooperation between nations.  While some nations wish to take some of these areas further (the Advanced page deals with this) the basic trading program aims to be easy and transparent to use.  To see what resources you have, just look here.  And, an all new MITO initiative - Micras by economic development.  See the development in your region (note - somewhat outdated)!

MITO would also like to congratulate Shireroth and Gralus on being the first two nations to achieve top level trading.  Good work!  All of Micras commends you!

To get a basic idea of Trading, go here.
To look at the Economic Development System in more detail, try here.
To see an example of a General Trading Sheet, try here (now with Examplestan resources!)
And to get right into it, here are the nations involved, their resources, and the best way to approach them.

Any questions should be addressed to Andreas the Wise at Gralus, Shireroth, Nelaga, or andreas@toketi.org.