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Prepared. For Life.

It was there when the first man walked on the moon. And when a president struck a blow to an iron curtain with a single speech. It was there when Scouts across the country rallied to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. For the past 100 years, it has been in the heart of every Scout who ever overcame one of life’s challenges. It is the value of being prepared. The core of Scouting and a statement that inspires a lifetime of character and service. As we look to a new century of Scouting achievements, we light a new fire in the next generation of Scouts. We shall instill in them the honor and integrity that comes with being a Scout. We will build their character and ensure they are prepared for something more. We will prepare them for life.

The Boy Scouts of America - A Historical Journey of Scouting in Florida

A photographic history in a slide show of boy scout units, activities, programs from Florida. Photos are courtesy of the Florida Electronic Library, and the Florida On Florida is a catalog of digital materials related to Florida. It includes all sorts of items including maps, photographs, postcards, books, and manuscripts. The materials in Florida On Florida come from digital collections held by libraries, archives, museums and historical societies throughout Florida.



It's clear in the Clouds

Hello Scouters:)

The West Service Area aka: Tocobaga and New Fire Districts are moving to the Cloud with information for you.

We have a  cloud account for information, flyers, training registration and more for to access anywhere and anytime. Our position is to be able to provide information immediately to you on your phone  or tablet.  In the cloud you’ll also find a printable sheet with business card(s) like below with a QR (Quick Response) Code readable by any smart phone also taking you to this account, print,cut and hand out.  Still come to Round Table for training enhancements, merit badges and more and talk to real people with history.

Here is the link to the Box account WSA Cloud >>>   West Service Area Scouting in the Cloud


Time for Training.
It is time to start thinking of where you are  - as a scout master, cub master, leader in waiting, committee person or even a parent that is involved in your youths excitement of the scouting movement, come and see for yourself. 

Come,and join us !
  • You will learn how to start a Fire.
  • You'll be cooking over  - FIRE !!
  • Running through the woods, learning about tress, and living the outdoor code.
  • Learning what it takes to advance from a Scout to First Class
  • You'll work on your skills, knowledge, and abilities of paperwork
  • See how you can increase membership in your unit.
  • Learn the budgeting, annual planning, and even finance.
  • Even save a life or two
Next Training:

October 11, 2014

October 17 - 19, 2014

Getting Social


Your Weekend Camping Weather

Here are a few Traffic web sites that will provide updated traffic information and Safe Guide to Scouting.

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