About Early Response Training:

    Instructors will provide training for persons who want to respond as a part of an organized Early Response Team (ERT) in the early days of a disaster through cutting trees, clearing debris, tarping roofs, and other tasks to help make damaged homes “safe, sanitary, and secure.” Without proper training, even well-meaning persons can cause harm by damaging property, jeopardizing insurance/FEMA claims, and hampering the local response effort.   

    Who Needs to Come From a Local Church?

    Persons interested in being a part of a Local Church or District Early Response Team that will respond within the District and Conference at minimum, but where possible in other conferences


    · Conference Trainers (certified by UMCOR) will lead group.
    · How individuals and organizations work to provide Relief and Recovery.
    · How UMCOR partners with annual conferences to provide training and funding.
    · Understanding the complex and dangerous environment during early response.
    · Chainsaw safety and tarping demonstration.


    As a result of these trainings we hope churches or groups of churches will be able to form standing ERT’s, either from a local church or gathering available persons from a geographic area. While we plan for teams to be based out of a local church, rarely can one church field enough persons to field a team at a moment’s notice. This is when being a “connectional” church can demonstrate both the Love of Christ and the Unity of the Body. Those who stay for the entire course, pass a simple exam, and pass a background check will receive an UMCOR Photo ID good for 3 years.


    • $25 per person Registration fee covers refreshments, background check (required for UMCOR Badge), and manual.  Lunch may be added for an extra fee, or provided by the attendee or host.
    • Registration fee is only $15, if you have had a Safe Sanctuaries background check in the last 2 years, verification and copy of report will be requested from your church.
    • To register:
      • Fill out information online form
        • by clicking on the Location and date (found at top right)
      • Bring check day of training or, 
      • Send check payable to 
        • TN Conference UMC, ERT Training, 
        • 304 S. Perimeter Park Dr., Suite 1, 
        • Nashville, TN 37211. 
    Contact Jason Brock at DisasterResponse@tnumc.com or 615.695.2765 for more info.