About Car&Driver

Car and Driver occupies a special place in the world of automotive magazines, a position earned by a unique combination of dedication, style, technical expertise, and the ability to put our readers in the driver’s seat. Once they’re in that seat, we do our best to see that they learn something of use. And that they enjoy themselves. 

Each month, Car and Driver presents the latest new cars, vans, SUV’s, and pickups – imports and domestics – with an emphasis on those cars heaven-sent for the man or woman who knows the rewards that an outstanding automobile can confer on its driver. We examine in detail new technology, new directions, and new ideas put forth by the automobile industry. 

We take a diversified approach to the vehicles that we cover, ranging from the practical (“Matched Boxes: a test of four best-selling minivans”) to the exotic (“How fast is a Ferrari F50?”) to the opinionated (“Ten Best Cars”). Our coverage includes sport-utility vehicles, minivans, and pickups. 

Consider these facts: 

No automotive magazine anywhere can claim a higher level of technical knowledge than ours. There are five graduate engineers on our staff, and our testing equipment procedures are state-of-the-art. 

Few magazines of any kind enjoy a closer relationship with their readers than we do. We understand and respect them; they understand and respect us. 

                                                                In pure numbers, we are the largest automotive magazine in the world, a position that imposes upon our staff the                 
                                                                obligation to work even harder at achieving the one goal that truly matters: EXCELLENCE. 

                                                                Finally, when we sit down to write, we do it well. We are more than a well-written car magazine. We are a well-written                         
                                                                and well-edited magazine. We not only bear comparison with the best magazines in the business, we invite it.

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