·       Established in 1905 (110 Years Old)

·       Second Agricultural Research Station in Tamil Nadu

·       Functions under TNAU since 1981

·       Crop improvement in Vegetables and Jackfruit 

·       Seed production in Vegetables, Rice and Pulses

·       Production of  high quality plants in Jackfruit, Mango and Guava 



          Vegetable Research Station mainly focusses on crop improvement in fruits and vegetables to evolve varieties with enhanced yield potential, resistance/tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and also evolving improved technologies for the sustainable livelihood of farming community in the North Eastern Zone of Tamil Nadu. 


·         To evolve high yielding varieties /hybrids in Vegetable crops

·         Identification and evaluation of superior clones/varieties in Jackfruit

·         To evolve new technologies to enhance yield and quality in Vegetable crops 

·         To develop plant protection techniques to prevent yield losses in Vegetables

·         Production of high quality grafts of elite varieties in Jack and Mango

·         Production of high quality layers of superior varieties in Guava

·         Production of Breeder seeds/ Foundation seeds/ TFL seeds in Vegetables, Rice and Pulses

·         Standardization of quality seed production technologies and storage techniques for Vegetable seeds

·         Popularisation of released varieties and technologies through trainings and mass media

·         Farmers advisory service