Soil and water Management Research Institute, Kattuthottam

Soil and Water Management Research Institute

Kattuthottam, Thanjavur-613 501.


Soil and Water Management Research Institute, Kattuthottam, Thanjavur was established during 1972 under Agricultural Engineering wing of State Department of Agriculture and started the research work on standardizing irrigation techniques for several field crops with special emphasis on rice.   On the first of April 1981, this Institute was taken over by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University as one of sub centres for carrying out water management  research.

The station is located 6 km from Thanjavur on the way to Nagapattinam (NH 67).  The latitude and longitude are 10045’ N and 790 E respectively with the altitude (MSL) of 50 m.  The mean annual rainfall is 930 mm and the soil type is sandy loam with the pH of 6.9.  The extent of farm is 16 ha with net cultivable area of 14.8 ha.   The irrigation sources are two borewells and Cauvery Grand Anicut canal water through Neivasal Thenpathi A channel.


Mandate of the Station

  • To meet out the research requirements of rice and rice fallow crops of the Cauvery New Delta Zone.

  • To conduct water management research based on crop water demand, water saving techniques and improving efficiency of irrigation water.

  • To identify and solve soil related constraints to increase the productivity of rice and rice fallow crops.


  1. Conducting field experiments at research station to find out the solution to the problems faced by farming community and developing new improved technologies.

  2. Conducting on farm trails at farmers field to disseminate and popularize the proven findings

  3. Production of breeder and foundation seeds of improved varieties of rice and pulses

  4. Conducting trainings for Agricultural Extension Workers and Farmers

  5. Offering diploma course in Agriculture


Front view of the office of the SWMRI

                       Dr.V. RAVI, Professor and Head, SWMRI