Plant Breeding And Genetics

    The unit of Plant breeding and genetics works with Plant Breeders, Seed Technologist and Crop physiologist with the mandate of providing rice ecosystem based varieties in rice and rice fallow crops and supplying quality seeds for the seed chain in the State besides studying the basic concepts of rice.

 We have the pride of releasing 50 varieties and one hybrid in rice for cultivation in Tamil Nadu besides the introduction of 14 varieties from other states or countries. The iconic varieties are ADT 36, ADT 37, ADT 38, ADT 39, ADT 43, ADT (R) 45,  ADT(R) 46, TNAU Rice ADT 49,  CR 1009 and I.W.Ponni. Rich heritage germplasm comprising 1480 genotypes in different maturity groups is being maintained at this division. In the seed production chain, the breeder seeds of our varieties account for 68 - 75 per cent in the State indent.   We collaborate with IRRI, ICAR and Private seed companies for the common agenda in the applied research.

The research thrust is also being given to rice fallow crops like pulses, cotton and soybean. So far, 5 varieties in Black gram, 3 varieties in greengram and one each in soybean and cotton were released from this institute for rice fallow situations.



Dr. R. Saraswathi
        Professor (PBG) and Unit Head