The Sugarcane Research Station, Sirugamani was initially established at Kumaramangalam village of Kulithalai Taluk on 05th September 1957 with an area of 2.40 hectares.  The adverse effect of unprecedented floods and improper drainage facilities besides soil alkalinity necessitated the shift of station from Kumaramangalam to Sirugamani village of Tiruchirapalli district and was re-established with 24.83 hectares during December 1959. 

Geographical Position and Topography
Extent :24.83 ha
Altitude:78.18 above Mean Sea Level
Soil Type:Sandy loam to Clayey loam
Soil pH :8.25 – 8.90
Mean Annual Rainfall:730.3 mm

Location: On the river bank of Cavery in-between Karur-Tiruchirapalli connected by National Highway No.67. Around 21 Kilometers from Chathiram Bus Terminus.
Central Bus Terminus  : 25 Kms
Chathiram Bus Terminus: 21 Kms
Srirangam Railway Station : 23 Kms
Tiruchirapalli Railway Junction  : 25 Kms
Airport : 35 kms