Soil and Water Management Research Institute, Kattuthottam, Thanjavur was established during 1972 under Agricultural Engineering wing of State Department of Agriculture and started the research work on standardizing irrigation techniques for several field crops with special emphasis on rice.   On 1st April 1981, this Institute was taken over by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University as one of its sub-centre. 

Location, Geographical  coordinates and area:
Located 6 km away from Thanjavur in Karur to Nagapattinam National Highways (NH 67)
Latitude         - 10o 45’ N
Longitude         - 79oE
Altitude         - 50 m MSL
Annual rainfall         -  930 mm
Soil Type                  - Sandy loam, pH – 6.9
Extent                       - 16 ha
Net cultivable area   - 14.8 ha
Weather regime: 
This institute experiences the average climate prevailing in the Cauvery Delta Zone (CDZ).   The average annual rainfall is 930 mm.  The mean maximum and minimum monthly temperature vary from 38.9°C in May to 29.4°C in December and from 27.1°C in May to 20.8°C in January respectively.   The longest sunshine duration of 12 hours and 38 minute was recorded in June and the shortest was 11 hrs and 22 min in December.   The relative humidity ranged from 58.5 to 90.0%.   The wind velocity ranged from 2.2 to 13 km/hr.   Occasional cyclonic winds with speed exceeding 60 to 100 km/hr were also experienced during North-East monsoon period.