Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies are widely used in various fields of agriculture viz., Soil Resource Management, Watershed Management, Land Degradation Assessment, Command Area Development, Monitoring and Assessment of Soil Moisture, Monitoring of in-season Agricultural Operations, Crop Inventory, Crop Health Monitoring, Crop Damage Assessment etc. Remote Sensing and GIS is used as a decision making tool for optimization of resource utilization, distribution of agricultural inputs and marketing activities.

Realizing the utility of Remote Sensing and GIS techniques, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University implemented a scheme on, ‘Remote Sensing for Agricultural Applications’ in 1990. It was functioning as a unit in the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry and was established as a separate department in 2010 by involving the scientists of various disciplines for wider application of remote sensing and GIS techniques in the areas related to agriculture.


  • To teach applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in agriculture  to the students and research scholars
  • To generate and assemble geo-spatial data on natural resources
  • To provide geo-spatial data on natural resources for the research teams and extension personnel 
  • To support Human Resource Development in various agricultural applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in agricultural sector
  • Land Resource Inventory and GIS database at cadastre level
  • Land Degradation Mapping
  • Generation of large scale soil resource information system
  • Generation of spectral signature, Near-real time maps and statistics on crop area, Phenology, Seasonality and Yield for major crops
  • Development of decision support system for crop selection and agricultural operation
  • Remote Sensing applications in Climate change and Environmental monitoring