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Dr. M. Raveendran

Education (Post-Graduation onwards & Professional Career)



University Name


Year of pass



TNAU, Coimbatore




1.      Molecular Breeding

2.      Functional genomics


Courses offered

1)      Genomics and Proteomics (for UG students)

2)      Functional Genomics (for PG students)

3)      Molecular Breeding (PG students)

4)      Genome Sequencing, Assembly and Annotation (UG course)

5)      Advances in gene isolation and characterization (Ph.D course)

6)      Advances in Functional genomics and Proteomics (Ph.D Course)


Special skills/trainings attended:

1.      Visiting Research Fellow at IRRI, Philippines (2003-2006)


Current Research area:

1.      Functional genomics of drought tolerance related traits in rice

2.      Molecular breeding for improving abiotic stress tolerance in rice

3.      Nutri-genomics in rice


Collaborative institute/organization:

1.      IRRI, Philippines

2.      Queensland University of Technology, Australia

3.      University of California Davis, USA

4.      Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

 Ongoing Research Projects

S. No.

Name of the scheme


Duration/ Period


Functional Genomics of drought tolerance related traits in rice

DBT, New Delhi



Program support for Developing Resilient rice through genomics

DBT, New Delhi



Developing heat tolerant rice

IRRI, Philippines



Completed Research Projects:

S. No.

Title of Project


Date of sanction and Duration


Isolation and validation of salt tolerant genes in ragi (Eleusine coracana)

DBT, New Delhi

2010 – 14 (September)


Development of Salinity Stress Resistance in Rice Varieties

DBT, New Delhi




Molecular breeding for developing drought tolerant Ahu rice cultivars suitable for upland ecosystem

DBT, New Delhi



Safeguarding Asian Rice Production From a Rapidly Warming Climate

DBT, New Delhi




B. Publications (Numbers only).

Book Chapters: 7                     Research Papers: 74   Patents: -

Others (Please specify): Conference Abstracts = 47



  1. Hifzur Rahman, Valarmathi R, Jagedeeshselvam N, Sudhakar D and M. Raveendran. 2016. Over-expression of a NAC 67 transcription factor from finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) confers tolerance against salinity and drought stress in rice. BMC Biotechnology, DOI 10.1186/s12896-016-0261-1 (In Press)
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