Pioneer research station in Tamil Nadu exclusively for oilseeds.
Started as Agricultural Research Station in 1935.
Upgraded as Regional Research Station in 1962.
Renamed as Oilseeds Research Station (ORS) and brought under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in 1981.
Oilseeds Research Station, Tindivanam is located in Villupuram district and North Eastern zone of Tamil Nadu on the Tindivanam – Pondicherry National Highway. This station is situated two Km away from Tindivanam Town. This station is nearest to Erayanur Village. 

Agro-Climate of the station:
Extent : 44.75 hectares
Latitude : 12o5'  N
Longitude: 79o5'  E
Altitude : + 45.6 m
Average Rainfall: 1158 mmS.W.Monsoon: 312 mm
N.E. Monsoon: 846 mm
Relative humidity: 83-86%
Maximum Temperature: 33-42oC
Minimum Temperature: 20oC
Soil : Sandy Loam
pH : 7 to 7.5
Open wells: 08
Bore wells: 01