National Conference on New Vistas in Vegetable Research towards Nutritional Security under Changing Climate Scenario
December 6 - 9, 2017


In the independent India, systematic efforts have been made to upgrade vegetable production technology. However, such efforts were quite inadequate due to priority given to food grain production programmes so far. The demand of vegetables has been increasing fast in the urban areas with gradual rise in standard of living coupled with development of communication and transport facilities. 

Therefore, a planned development in the field of vegetable production will not only improve the nutritional requirement but can also meet the challenge of adequate food supply to the growing population in India. The limited cultivable area can be best utilized for growing vegetables which are known to give higher yields per unit area. 

Vegetable growing being labour intensive can substantially increase employment avenues too. Our country is gifted with a wide range of agro-climatic conditions which enables the production of vegetables throughout the year in one part of the country or the other and then maintaining a continuous supply of fresh vegetables.


  • To provide an interactive platform for scientists/ SMS working in different sectors on sustainable vegetable production
  • To critically review the national status of vegetable research under changing climate scenario
  • To validate sustainable vegetable production technologies
  • To promote hi-tech vegetable cultivation among small and marginal farmers
  • To enrich knowledge spectrum of technical manpower to enhance vegetable production to reduce the malnutrition problem in India 

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Important Dates

Late date for submission of Abstract and full length paper extended up to 16.10.2017

Communication regarding acceptance of paper is on 20.10.2017

Registration with normal fee closes on 16.10.2017

Registration with late fee is closes on 06.12.2017

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