• There are 25 computers in practical lab and 30 computers in browsing centre.
  • Students are allowed to browse from 7.30 am to 8 pm.
  • Computers in the browsing centre were equiped with Linux server,WIFI connectivity and MS-Office, Visual Basic, oracle, C,C++, Open-Office softwares were installed.
  • All the students hostels, examination hall were provided with wireless internet connectivity.
  • Video conference lab has been established for the students
  • Regularly theory classes were video recorded to facilitate the students with virtual class mode.
Bio control

Post Harvest Technology Lab is available to handle the classes and research for enhancing the post harvest shelf life of horticultural crops and also have the facility to import the hands on training to the farmers, entrepreneurs and self help groups (SHGs)

Tissue Culture
The issue culture laboratory established in 1999-2000 is well equipped and has all the facilities for carrying out basic work on plant tissue culture. Currently wok on micropropagation of Banana, Plamyrah and Amla are in Progress.

Modern Nursery
Poly House

Low cost polyhouse is available at HC & RI, Periyakulam.  The climate is not fully controlled which is made of GI pipe and U.V. stabilized 200-micron thick plastic film is normally used for coverage. 

                      Shade net House

Shade net house of different percent shades are available for reducing the temperature. Under this structure planting materials especially in fruit crops are produced and hardened. 

Modern Nursery Complex

        One of the most modern nursery complex in India was established in the campus during the year 2001 with the financial assistance of Tamil Nadu Government. The complex consisted of a shade net house, mist chamber and close planting of sapota

Mist Chamber
It is a propagation structure provided with mist system and covered with high-density polyethylene sheets. Intermittent mist systems are widely used for rooting of soft wood, semi hardwood, hardwood and herbaceous cuttings.

Green House
Green house available at HC &RI Periyakulam is a fully automatic environmental controlled structure to get optimum growth and productivity. It is meant for variety of applications, the majority being, off-season growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization and varietals improvement.

Crop Physiology Lab

Soil Science Lab