The Community Science  College  and  Research  Institute,   Tamil   Nadu   Agricultural   University,   Madurai  has  its  origin  as  Department  of  Home Science in 1980 at Agricultural College and Research Institute,  Madurai  offered  B.Sc.  Home  Science  degree.  The   Food  Technology unit at TNAU, Coimbatore started during 1972, later was  renamed  as  Department of  Food  Science  and  Nutrition  in  1982,  which was shifted to AC&RI,  Madurai  during  1984  to strengthen  the  B.Sc.  (Home Science) degree program. The  Institute  also  offers  Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from 1981 which is now offered as M.Sc (Community Science)  Food  Science  and  Nutrition  and   Doctoral   programme   in   Food  Science  and  Nutrition  from   1988   onwards.   During   the   year  1999,  the  three  year  B.Sc. (Home Science) degree programme was upgraded as a four year professional degree course. The  two  departments   namely   Department   of  Home  Science  and  Food  Science  and  Nutrition  functioned  at AC&RI, Madurai till 2000.   Continuing  its  path  of  progress   in tune  with  the  latest  developments  and technologies, it was developed into a full fledged institute named as  Home  Science   College   and  Research  Institute  in  Madurai  during  2000  and presently renamed as Community Science College and Research Institute during 2017  as  per  the  recommendation  of   the   Fifth   Deans’   Committee   of  the  ICAR.  This institute has emerged as a nodal centre for Education,  Research  and   Extension   in  five  specialized  disciplines  of   Community   Science   namely;   Food    Science   and    Nutrition,  Human  Development  and  Family  Studies,   Family   Resource   Management  and Consumer  Science,  Apparel   Designing    Management   and  Extension   Education   and   Communication  Management.   In  addition,  the  Department   of  Differently  Abled  Studies  was  established  in  2014  as  per  the  UGC   guidelines.    During    2015,    the    B. Sc.  (Food  Nutrition  and  Dietetics)   was   introduced   based   on   the   ICAR   Fifth  Deans’ Committee recommendations  and  to  take advantage of the growing prospects in food processing and value addition and for its promising business opportunities.

  • To provide basic knowledge on Home Management practices, Food Science and Nutrition, Human Development, Textiles and Clothing and Extension Education.
  • To promote overall personality development and to provide self confidence to the students.
  • To develop new technologies at minimum cost in all the disciplines of Home Science and to improve the existing technologies.
  • Effective transfer of technologies to the rural communities by appropriate communication methods.
  • To bring women empowerment thereby raising the standard of living of the family. 
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