The Horticultural College and Research Institute for Women (HC & RIW), a constituent college of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has been established in 2011 exclusively for women which is located on Trichy - Dindigul NH 45. This institute provides teaching, research opportunities and technology transfer of high order in an exceptionally pleasant environment. Our college farm lands cater to the needs of teaching, research, training and plant propagation activities. This is a full-pledged institute providing under-graduate horticultural education in TNAU. The mandate of this institute is to carry out research projects whose findings will benefit the farming community. 

The climatic conditions are quite congenial for the cultivation of an array of horticultural crops. The alkaline soil prevailing here leads way to the research on the screening of crops tolerant to sodic soil. The institute mainly emphasize on research related to the evaluation of fruits, vegetables and flowers crops varieties tolerant to sodic/alkaline soil. This is one of the pioneering centres in India on problem soil, particularly alkaline soils. Trichy district is endowed with rich diversity of horticultural crops especially banana, betel vine mango and guava orchards. Srirangam is known for its commercial flower trade sustaining thousands of flower growers. This institute is effectively addressing the challenges faced by the farmers of Trichy district.

The staff are also carrying out the extension activities viz., training the farmers, entrepreneurs and staff of state agricultural department in collaboration with the State Agricultural Department of Tamil Nadu and also providing technical know-how for the development of Horticulture and Agro-based industries in this region. High density planting system in Guava is established in one hectare area to demonstrate the Canopy management, Irrigation management techniques and eco-friendly pest management in  guava. Besides it also provides training on value addition in mango and guava and packing of mango and guava.

1.Department Fruit Crops
2.Department of Vegetable crops
3.Department of Floriculture, Medicinal and Aromatic plants
4.Departmant of Spices and Plantation crops