The genesis of the Department of Floriculture and Landscaping dates back to 1972, with the establishment of the Horticultural College and Research Institute at Coimbatore. This Department is situated inside the Botanic Gardens of the University. 
        The Botanic Gardens were established in 1908 when the Agricultural College was formed.  The total area of the garden (inclusive of the area under floriculture and medicinal crops raised for research purpose) is 47.5 acres. The garden has a large collection of flora, both native and exotic, with wide ranging diversity, use and interest. About 800 species and varieties of different plants representing 70 natural orders are present in the garden. 

  • To teach Floriculture and Landscaping to undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • To develop new varieties and to standardize production and post production technologies for flower crops
  • To disseminate technologies to growers and entrepreneurs through trainings, demonstrations and publications
  • To produce elite planting materials of flower and ornamental crops for growers and the general public.