• Offering B.Sc. (For.), M.Sc. (For.) and Ph.D. (For.) degree programmes with students intake of 20, 10 and 3 respectively.
  • B.Sc. (For.) degree programme is offered with 74 courses and credit load of 150 hrs.
  • M.Sc. (For.) degree programme is offered with 54 credit hours containing 27 credits in Major, 6 credits in Minor, 6 credits in Statistics, 2 credits in Seminar and 12 credits in Research.
  • Ph.D. (For.) degree programme is offered with total credit hours of 74 containing 13 credits in Core courses, 6 credits in Area of Specialization, 6 credits in Minor, 3 credits in Seminar, 4 credits in Topical Research and 42 credits in Research.
  • In Ph.D programme , there are 5 Area of specialization viz., Tree Breeding , Agroforestry, Silviculture, Forest Biology and Forest Soils.

Potentialities of Forestry Graduates

  • The students with a B.Sc. (Forestry) degree are capable of handling any work on tree plantation establishment and management, forest administration and establishing self-sustaining jobs.
  • After post graduate (M.Sc. – Forestry) they are capable of handling research activities in forestry and conducting training programme for field level workers and as a teacher for graduate programme in forestry
  • With a doctoral degree in forestry they are capable of analyzing problems and designing research pertaining to forestry and are capable of becoming able administrators and full-fledged research scientist and teachers in forestry.
  • All our students are working with a goal of greening India, conserving the forest wealth through latest technologies, stabilizing forest plantations to fulfill the demand of the wood based industries and meeting the needs of the local people through sustained yield management.

Entrepreneurship Development

FOR 201 Commercial Forestry - Seedling Production (0+2) is offered to give hands on training to the forestry graduates for self-employment. FWE 404 Commercial Forestry (0+2) viz., Medicinal Plants Cultivation; Wood Working; Value Added Non-Timber Forest Products; Apiculture; Clonal Propagation of Trees; Mushroom Production; Biofertilizer Production and Wood Technology are included in B.Sc. (Forestry) syllabus to provide avenues for entrepreneurship development. FAF 401 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (1+1), is also included in UG Syllabus to give avenues to start agri-business.