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Screening and genetic upgrading of tree species for promoting them under industrial agroforestry

Optimize various tree-crop combinations to enhance the productivity of multifunctional agroforestry models suitable for different agroclimatic regions of the state

Performance enhancement of the locally predominant agroforestry systems through technical interventions

Upgrade the socio economic conditions of agroforestry farmers by refining the existing agroforestry technologies

Development of climate resilient agroforestry models for ensuring sustainability under changing climatic regimes


Diagnostic survey and documentation of existing agroforestry practices and farmers’ preferences in Tamil Nadu.

Collection and evaluation of promising agroforestry tree species for  profitable integration with cultivars of agricultural and fodder crops and / or livestock.

To conduct basic and applied agroforestry research for enhancing productivity and sustainability of agroforestry systems.

To develop viable agroforestry technology packages for different agro climatic zones of Tamil Nadu.

To promote agroforestry through collaboration with Private wood based industries in Public Private Partnership mode