Monitoring and evaluation

Individual scientist as per the work load propose projects either to University or to National / International sponsoring agencies. These projects got approved by the Research Project Approval Committee (RPAC) operated at the Directorate / College level.  The progress of the on-going research projects is discussed in the monthly technical meetings and guided by the Professor and Head of the Station / Department.  The Half Yearly Progress Reports of the research projects prepared by the Project Leader, submitted to the concerned Director or Dean are referred to the Technical Directors / Lead Scientists for comments.  Suggestions offered by them are communicated to the Project Leaders pursuing the research projects.
The Director of Research and Technical Directors during their visits to the Research Stations monitor the progress of the research projects and provide guidelines to the project leaders in their research pursuit.
The Vice-Chancellor, the Director of Research and the Technical Directors / Deans monitor and evaluate the progress of the research projects during discussion with the project leader in the Annual Research Workshops of various crops and commodities.