Dissemination of outcome

The Project Leaders publish the findings from their research projects in various National and International journals which are valued greatly by the scientific community.  They also publish popular articles in Journals and news papers for the benefit of the farming community.
The research findings from research projects are categorized as  (a) for adoption and (b) for on-farm testing presented and discussed in the Annual Scientific Workers’ Conference for transfer of technology.  Further, technologies that have performed consistently well and approved by the bodies for release are grouped under ‘For adoption’ category.  Technologies that are under advanced stage of evaluation are categorized under ‘For on farm testing’.
            The research findings under first category are incorporated in Crop Production Guide every year to update the technologies in this basic and reference document which is used  by all extension functionaries.  Continuous efforts of the scientists in the long run are focused in developing newer crop varieties for the benefit of the farming community to suit the various agro climatic conditions besides tolerating biotic and abiotic stresses.  The number of crop varieties released from this institute till 2012 is furnished below. .