About the Directorate of Research
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The Directorate of Research was established in June 1971 to co-ordinate all research activities in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and to administer / monitor the activities of Research Stations situated in different parts of Tamil Nadu. The Directorate is headed by the Director of Research who is supported by scientists from various faculties in carrying out the activities of the Directorate.
Consequent on the formation of Directorate at TRRI, Aduthurai, research stations  in Tamil Nadu has been divided into Region I and Region II.  There are 13 Research Stations grouped under Region I  under the administrative control of Director of Research, TNAU, Coimbatore.

The Director of Research is the Nodal Officer for implementing the schemes funded by ICAR and other external agencies including NATP. The procedure for monitoring the University research sub projects in an effective manner through centralized system was dispensed from 2003 and decentralized monitoring system by the respective technical University Officers for effective implementation is presently in operation.  Due to decentralization, the schemes, research sub-projects etc. other than Region I are being monitored by the concerned University Officer / Directorate.

The newer research schemes funded by various agencies are implemented at various centres with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. Generally, these schemes are prepared as University research sub projects and got approved for effective implementation. Besides, University research sub projects are also prepared by the scientists working in the University under Plan and Non-plan scheme on the research aspects that warrants action by the scientists on the day to day issues. 

Pivotal centre for operating Tamil Nadu Government sponsored activities, Nodal Office for ICAR, NAIP, foreign and other private agencies funded schemes, Reviewing the completed projects under Research Advisory Committee to finalise the outcome to be either taken for further research or extension activities 
Identification of research problems
The problems for research are identified during the discussion in monthly zonal workshops of each districts, Transfer of Technology  centres, Statewide Farmers Interactive meeting, Farmers’ Days in various campuses and Research Stations, State Research and Extension Councils, State Scientific Workers’ Conference 
Dissemination of outcome
The Project Leaders publish the findings from their research projects in various National and International journals which are valued greatly by the scientific community.  They also publish popular articles in Journals and news papers for the benefit of the farming community.

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