About Us


    The Directorate of Planning and Monitoring was established in the year 2003.The major focus of this Directorate is to process new research scheme proposals for getting funds for infrastructure development from the Government and takes steps for facilitating implementation of various schemes. Involved in preparing and reporting the monthly progress of various schemes funded by Government of Tamil Nadu. Preparation of Governor’s address , Budget Speech, Citizen’s charter, Policy Note submission of proposal for announcements, follow up action on announcements made by His Excellency, Governor  of  Tamil Nadu,  Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Hon’ble  Minister for Agriculture, announcements made in collectors conferences, report for review are also carried out by this directorate.

  • To focus on the planning and monitoring of various development activities
  • To liasion the government departments for farmers betterment and funds mobilization
  • To document the overall activities as annual report, citizen charter and policy notes

  • To enhance the quality standards of the university at global levels
  • To liasion the government to garner financial support from the agencies of government
  • To scrutinize fund flow, input, process and output indicators though effective Academic Audit cell
  • To motivate the faculty to propose projects from sources of funding to enhance innovation, up scaling and strengthen social responsibility
  • To sensitize the public on the perception of the institutions in terms of quality