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What is the Educational Qualification to undergo certificate Programme in the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore-3.

Ans: Persons who can read and write in Tamil are eligible.


What is the age limit to undergo the Certificate Programme?

Ans: No age limit to undergo the certificate programme.


Attending the contact classes in person is necessary or not?

Ans: It is necessary to attend the contact classes in person, a minimum of 60% attendance is necessary.


Is the certificate course helpful to get a job in private / Government organizations?

Ans: The main objectives of this programme is to provide self employment opportunities


Can we get the Bank loan with the certificate programme certificate to start small cottage industries

Ans : You can approach the Bank to get the financial assistance.


What is the eligible qualification for joining the Post Graduate Degree Programme?


PG Degree Course





MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Any Degree will be considered

Rs 10,000/-



M. Sc (Sugarcane Technology)

Bachelor Degree in Agriculture/ Any Degree with minimum of three years work experience in relevant field

Rs 10,000/-



M.Sc (Environmental Management)

Bachelor Degree in Agriculture/Any Degree in Life sciences /Any Professional Degree with minimum of three years work experience in the relevant field.

Rs 12,500/-


When will be the PCP class conducted (working days or holidays)?

Ans : All the PCP classes will be conducted only on holidays (Monthly 2 days (4 sessions), mostly second Saturday & Sunday of the month).


What is the attendance requirement?

Ans : The Directorate will conduct contact programme of 10 days/semester (2 days/ month @ 6 hours/ day). A student has to attend minimum of 6 days/semester (60% attendance in each course).


How to apply re-evaluation and re-registration.

Ans : A student can submit a request for re-evaluation or re-total in the prescribed format along with the fee to the Controller of Examinations through the Director, ODL within 30 days from the issue of class grade chart. Submissions thereafter will not be considered


What is the minimum eligible qualification for studying B.F. Tech Degree programme?

Ans : Those who have completed 27 years of age and either pass or fail in 10th Standard are eligible.


What is the duration of the B.F Tech course?

Ans : Three years (Six semesters).


What is the fee structure and other details?

Ans : Fee is Rs. 4000/semester and totally Rs. 24000 for three years. Fee should be paid within 30 days after the commencement of each semester


How to apply B.F. Tech course?

Ans : Application can be downloaded from or contact Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003 (Phone No. 0422-6611229; 9442111058).


What is the cost of B.F Tech Application?

Ans : Application cost is Rs. 100/-. Filled application along with first semester fee of Rs. 4000/- in the form of DD drawn in favour of Director, ODL, payable at SBI, TNAU Branch, Coimbatore and DD should be sent to Director ODL, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003


What is PCP?

Ans : PCP means Personal Contact Programme organized at ODL Centres of TNAU at different places in Tamil Nadu for the interaction of students.


How many PCPs for each Semester

Ans : Five PCPs per Semester. Each PCP will be conducted for two days continuously in any one of the Saturday and Sunday in a month


How many courses will be taught in each Semester

Ans : Four courses will be offered for each semester through PCPs


Is it necessary to attend all PCPs?

Ans : A minimum of three PCPs (60% attendance) is compulsory to appear for final examination


Do you provide books or any material for each course?

Ans : Self instructional material will be given for each course after the receipt of fee


What is the eligibility and fee structure for PG Diploma?


PG Diploma Course





Food Biotechnology

Any Degree is Life Science/Biological Science

Rs 13750/-




Any Degree in Life Science/Biological Science

Rs 20,000/-



Production and quality control in Medicinal Plants

Any Degree

Rs 20,000/-



Energy Management

Engineering Degree/Any Bachelor Degree

Rs 15.000/-



Food Science and Processing

Any Degree in / Life Science/Biological Science

Rs 10,000/-