Welcome to Agribusiness Development, TNAU,Coimbatore.

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E-mail: business@tnau.ac.in

About Us

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is one of the leading agricultural universities in South Asia.

It is a foremost provider of agro-technologies with substantial investment in Research and Development. It has become the leader in promoting Agri-businesses in the region by starting Directorate of Agri-business Development in 2007.

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Our Mission

ABD- TNAU shall operate with the mission to benefit farmers with new and improved agricultural products or services through technology commercialization and entrepreneurship development by agribusiness incubation.

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Our Goal

"To foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of agribusiness by providing technical assistance and market linkage to budding agriprenuers"

Our Vision

  • To commercialize technologies and products developed by the University...

  • To contribute to competitiveness of agribusiness environment and job creation...