Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics

           Botanical research work in the then Madras State was initiated as early as 1898 with the appointment of a separate Economic Botanist for Sugarcane. By 1907, Agricultural College and Research Institute was started at Coimbatore for imparting Agricultural Education besides conducting research and extension. For paying more attention to the research of various crops, separate breeding stations were started for Paddy (1912), Cotton (1922), Millets (1923), Oilseeds (1930), Pulses (1943) and Forages (1976) under the leadership of crop specialists for each which were then brought under the Department of Agricultural Botany in 1971 after the establishment of TNAU in June 1971. Recognizing the importance of crop breeding, the Department of Agricultural Botany was upgraded into a Directorate and designated as "School of Genetics" from 1.3.1980. Later during 1997, the Directorate was re designated as "Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics". In addition to the existing six departments, a separate Department for Plant Genetic Resources  on 01.08.2009 and Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding on 01.06.2019 were established.  The Breeder Seed unit has been included in this Directorate from 01.08.2013. Government of TamilNadu sanctioned a Centre of Excellence in Molecular Breeding (CMB) as per the TN Govt G.O. Ms. No.92, Agriculture (AU) Department dated 07.04.2015.

Indian Society of Plant Breeders (ISPB)