Teacher Evaluation

The Controller of Examination administers the Faculty Evaluation program. This program provides an opportunity for students to rate their professors and the course(s) they are taking. Students are able to provide anonymous written feedback to their professors. Since the professors get the results after grades are posted; students are encouraged to be as constructive as possible in their assessments.

Towards the end of the semester every student at TNAU fills out anonymous teacher evaluation forms for each professor they had that semester. The results are then tabulated and a rating average for each professor is obtained, with 5.00 being the highest possible rating. These evaluations are for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

Course and Teacher evaluations will be conducted online on the last day of final examinations.

The evaluations will be published for those faculties who have submitted written authorizations for their release to the Controller of Examination.

Faculty members wishing to have their evaluations added to the website should contact the Controller of Examination to authorize the release.

1. Teacher Evaluation by First Year Students
2. Teacher Evaluation by Second - Final Year Students
3. Teacher Evaluation by PG Students