The Agricultural Research Station, Thirupathisaram was started in the year 1976 with the objectives of evolving suitable rice varieties for different situations of Kanyakumari District, working out the package of practices for cultivation of rice varieties and to solve the problem of the farmers in cultivation of crops.  Initially the station was under the control of the Director of Agriculture and then merged with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University on 1st April, 1981. This station has completed 25 years of dedicated service gifting five improved rice varieties viz.,   TPS-1, TPS-2, TPS-3, TPS ( R) 4 and TPS-5 to the farming community.


The station is situated 7 km away from Nagercoil towards east on Nagercoil – Tirunelveli highway road.  Kanyakumari (7 km) and Thiruvananthapuram (75km) are the nearest historical places. 



  • Evolving extra early/ early/ medium/ long duration rice variety suitable for the kannipoo and kumbapoo seasons of Kanyakumari District
  • Maintenance breeding for breeder seed production of rice varieties suited for Kanyakumari district
  • To develop management technologies for the soil physical and chemical constraints of the district
  • To develop suitable management technology for the multi-nutrient disorders in paddy
  • Integrated pest and disease management in paddy
  • Development of agro-technologies for agricultural crops

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