Five Hostels for UG and PG Programme for the students of AC & RI,Madurai.

  1.     Valluvar Illam    -    UG Boys Hostel
  2.     Dr.M.K. Illam     -    UG Girls Hostel
  3.     Cauvery Illam     -    UG Girls Hostel
  4.     PG Hostel            -    PG Boys Hostel
  5.     Vaigai Illam        -    PG Girls Hostel

Guest Rooms
            5 No's available to stay 10 persons.



Dr.P.P. Murugan,

Professor and Head,

Dept. Of Agri Extension and Rural Sociology

Deputy Warden (Cauvery Illam )

Dr. S. Thiyageshwari,

Professor (Soil Science and Agri. Chemistry)

Deputy Warden (Accounts)

Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy,

Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

Deputy Warden (Mess)

Dr.E. Subramanian,

Assistant Professor (Agronomy)

Deputy Warden (Vaigai Illam)

Dr. E. Gokiladevi,

Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)

Deputy Warden (Dr.M.K. Illam)

Dr.T. Sivasankari Devi,

Assistant Professor (Agri. Microbiology)