From this Institute, some noteworthy varietal release in the 50 years of research in Agricultural / Horticultural crops include five paddy varieties (MDU 1 to 5), one black gram variety (MDU 1), one Kolingi variety (MDU 1) and in Horticultural crops MDU 1 in Brinjal, Snake gourd, Bitter gourd, Crysanthemum and Marigold to suit to the need of southern Tamil Nadu farmers. Moreover researchers are in pipeline for the pre-release rice culture ACM 01010 and cluster bean IC 432117.

The special characteristics of these varieties are MDU 1 drought and cold tolerant for Ramanathapuram District farmers, MDU 2 and MDU 4 cold tolerant varieties released for Cumbum valley farmers,MDU 5 is short duration and tolerant to terminal stress.

MDU (KO) 1 is the first green manure Kolingi variety released in the year 2008. The special features of this variety are bold yellow seed type with good germination. It gives nine tones of green manure per hectare in 60-70 days duration, is suitable for in situ ploughing to enhance soil fertility.

Development of short and medium duration rice varieties, rice varieties suitable for aerobic situation, moderately shattering and early mutant in ADT ® 47 rice, MDU 1 black gram variety was released in the year 2014. It is high yielding (790 kg/ha), matures in 70-75 days. Besides yield it has good batter quality, large bold pods and suitable for cultivation in rabi season. Black gram variety with yellow mosaic virus resistance, superior battering quality black gram genotypes, high yielding white seeded sesame variety and barnyard millet have been attempted at this Institute. Moisture stress management in cotton, influencing of mulching and anti transpirants on soybean are some research frontiers. Besides, research is also carried out on the development of tonic to enhancing yield and quality of banana as well development of seaweed liquid fertilizer to improve productivity in Agricultural ecosystem.

Recently research has been extended to Gingelly,Pulses,Brinjal , Tomato and other minor pulses like soyabean , mochai etc.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai was established in 1971 as Farmers Training Centre by the District Agricultural Department. Then it was brought under the control of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University since 1981to transfer the improved agricultural technologies to the farmers. During the last ten years 2510 Front Line Demonstrations and 551 on farm trials, were conducted on oil seeds, pulses, cotton, farm machinery etc., to transfer the latest technologies to the fields. Apart from this 1215 trainings were conducted on technologies related to agriculture and allied activities and 55216 farmers were benefitted. Similarly through 115 trainings, 3525 extension personnels were benefitted. To enable the farmers as entrepreneurs 213 Entrepreneurship trainings were given for the benefit of 6243 farmers.

Several Alumini of this campus have occupied administrative positions by clearing Central and State Governments Public Service Examinations. Among those 12 are in Indian Administrative Service (IAS), 10 are in Indian Revenue Service (IRS), 12 are in Indian Police Service (IPS), 14 are in Indian Forest Service (IFS), 3 are in Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and 1 in Indian Railway Service. Besides, several Alumini of this campus are working as scientist in Indian Council of Agricultural Research and as Professors at State Agricultural Universities.