UG Courses

UG Degree Programme : B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)
            The undergraduate Agricultural Engineering Degree Programme was started at College of Agricultural Engineering, Kumulur from October 1992.  The college was renamed as Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Kumulur during 2002 and the degree programme was named as B.Tech. (Agrl. Engg.).  So far, 700 students have graduated from this college.  Several top ranking students have opted to further studies in technical and management lines in and outside India.  So far, for instance, 208 students have gone for higher education in India and 38 have gone for higher education in foreign countries.  In India, our students have joined masters programmes in IIT, Anna University, management schools like MANAGE and Lyola school of management and the masters programme in Agrl. Engineering offered by TNAU, Coimbatore.  Our graduates are performing exceptionally well in these institutions.  The remaining graduates of our college have taken up private or government employment or have become entrepreneurs. 
            All the teaching faculty are well qualified with doctoral degrees and their capabilities have been enhanced by deputing them to higher training programmes, both in India and abroad in their fields of specialization and education technologies. 

B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)
             Agricultural Engineering is a boon of interdisciplinary engineering science.  This course is an amalgamation of biological and physical sciences as base for engineering applications in agriculture and food systems, natural resource conservation, eco-friendly environment and related biological systems. 
            This institute alone offer B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering) 4 year undergraduate degree programme in the whole state of Tamil Nadu. Our Technocrats are motivated their efforts on design, fabrication and management of system on farm equipment and conservation of soil and water resources.