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Present Job

 From 10.2.1995 to 16.2.2004

-          Assistant Professor

From  17.2.2004 to  9.2.2010

           -    Associate Professor

From 10.2.2010 to till date

-          Professor




Address for Correspondence


Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Trichy, TamilNadu – 621 712.

Mobile - 9865113161

Email- veeravikumar@hotmail.com

Date of Birth




Doctorate in Engineering

 Thesis Title : Optimal operation of Irrigation Systems through Stochastic Dynamic Programming

Place : Centre for Water Resources, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

Year : 1995

Specialization : Irrigation Water Management 


Master of Engg


Thesis Title : Numerical Modelling of Saline Water Intrusion taking convection and dispersion into account

Place : Centre for Water Resources, College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India

Year : 1990


BE (Ag. Engg)


Place : College of Agricultural Engineering, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India

Year : 1987

Awards & Recgnition

Awarded  with a certificate of merit and a medal for the best research paper published in Journal of Environmental Engineering, Indian Institution of Engineers for the year, 2011 

Fellowships obtained


  1. GATE fellowship awarded by Govt. of India for doing ME degree between 1988 -1990
  2. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India, Senior Research Fellowship from 1991- 1995





Experience :22 years

Computer Programmer

Place   :  Centre for Water  Resources,

               Anna University, Chennai

Period :  June 1990  - August 1991

 Assistant Professor

Place   :  Tamil Nadu Agricultural       


Period :  Feb 1995  - Feb 2004


Associate Professor

Place   :  Tamil Nadu Agricultural       


Period :   Feb 2004  -  Till date 





Professional Activities



  1. Served as a Doctoral committee member for two Ph.D candidates in Anna University, India


  1. Acted as a Referee for a research paper for the journal namely, the International Transactions in Operations Research, United Kingdom


  1. Acted as a Referee for 4 research papers in the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering of American Society of Civil Engineers






Courses taught

1. Irrigation Equipment Design

2.  Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machinery

3.  Surveying and Levelling

4.  Groundwater Hydrology

5.  Surface water hydrology

6.  Irrigation Engineering

7.  C++ programming

8.  Remote sensing & GIS

 9.  Environmental Engineering

10. Applied Hydrology

11.Water Resources System Engg








Trainings  Attended



 1. Protected Agriculture in semi-arid regions for 40 days in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem at Rehovat in Israel


  1. Remote sensing and GIS applications in water resources in the Indian Institute of Remote sensing, Dehradun,  India for 8 weeks.


  1. Automation of Pressurized Irrigation Systems at CIAE, Bhopal for 1 week


  1. Green House cooling in tropical regions  at IARI, New Delhi.


  1. Workshop on HYDRUS - Modeling water flow and contaminant transport in soils and groundwater using the HYDRUS software packages, Indian institute of science, Bangalore


Research Schemes


 1. Modelling of Urea Transport in Drip Irrigation Funded by Department of Science and Technology,Government of India

Budget – Rs 2.7 Million

            Duration- Jan-2008 Jun-2012- 3.5 years


  1. Drip fertigation in high value crops

funded by Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India

Budget – Rs 3.0 Million

            Duration- Jan-2009 Jun-2011- 2  years


  1. Fertigation scheduling for paddy by simulation modeling

Funded by ICAR, Government of India New Delhi

Budget – Rs 1.4 Million

            Duration- Feb-2015 - Mar-2017