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In the process of lab to field/industry, the college is transferring farm implements, equipment, post harvest equipment, energy gadgets and agri-based technologies to farmers, rural mass, NGOs and agri based industries through various demonstrations, exhibitions, trainings, publications, TV, Radio programmes etc.


 Agricultural Processing

Demonstrations, exhibitions and trainings are conducted to popularize the gadgets and technologies developed in the department of Agricultural Processing in collaboration with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), developmental departments and non-government voluntary organizations (NGOs and SHGs).


The information about various renewable energy gadgets is taken to the end users through online demonstrations, multi-location trails, entrepreneurship programmes, seminars, short courses, etc. Training are conducted to impart knowledge on renewable energy technologies, to officers, unemployed graduates, field workers, Non-Government Organizations and farmers.

1. Food and Agricultural Processing  

This department has following facility

·         Unit Operations Lab

·         Properties of Biological Materials Lab

·         Post Harvest Technology Lab

·         Crop Process Engineering Lab

·         Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

·         Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Lab

·         Food Engineering Lab

·         Dairy Engineering Lab

·         Food Processing Pilot Plant

·         Pilot Paper Plant

·         CAD / CAM Lab

 The major areas of research activities are

Design and development of processing equipments

Processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables

Packaging technology - vacuum, modified and controlled atmosphere

Membrane concentration technology

Extrusion cooking and food product development

Extraction of oleoresins and essential oils

Utilization of agricultural wastes and byproducts

2. Bio Energy

This department has well developed laboratories like

.    Biochemical Engineering lab

.    Biomass Gasification lab

.    Solar Energy lab

.    Biogas technology lab

.    Biomass combustion lab

.    Energy park

.    Bio-diesel pilot plant

.   Areas of research include utilization of solar energy systems, fuel cell power plants, biomass gasification, alcohol and bio-diesel production technology, windmills, biogas and smokeless stoves. 

3. Agricultural Machinery Research Centre

This department has the following facilities:

·        Traction lab

·        Tillage lab

·        Crop protection lab

·        Soil dynamics lab

·        Ergonomics lab

·        Electrical engineering lab

·        Electronics and Instrumentation lab

·        Machine shop

·        Farm implements and machinery cafeteria.

·        Laboratory for Computer Aided Design of Farm Implements

·        Quality Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

·        Farm Implements Research Laboratory

·        Shop floor for mass production

·        Training unit for rural artisans and small scale machinery manufacturers

·        Prototypes manufacturing workshop

·        Laboratory for prototype feasibility testing activity

·        Technology delivery system to motivate manufacturers

Areas of research include design and development of farm implements and machinery to bridge the mechanization gap in Tamil Nadu.

4. Post Harvest Technology Centre

. Food Processing Pilot Plant

. Food Business Incubator

. Food Quality Control Laboratory

. Food Analytical Laboratory

. Grain Milling Laboratory

. Bakery Unit

. Fruits & Vegetable Processing Unit

5. Physical Sciences and Information Technology

This department has the following facilities:

·         Computer Lab with more than 200 computers

·         Video Conferencing Hall

·         24x7 Internet Connectivity

The Computer Lab is opening house is from 6.00 A.M to 12.00 midnight on all working days and 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on all Saturdays & Sundays.

 The broad areas of interest of the faculty are

 Information Technology

 Mathematical Modeling 

Applied Statistics