Centre of Excellence in Sustaining Soil Health, ADAC & RI, Trichy

     Sustainable soil health or quality maintenance through balanced fertilization in combination of organic and  inorganic  sources  along  with  addressing  the  complicated  problems  of  soils of Tamil Nadu through basic and applied research forms the aim of this centre. Capacity of a soil to function within  ecosystem boundaries to sustain biological   productivity, maintain environmental quality and promote plant and animal health. In the context of agriculture, it may refer to its ability to sustain productivity. 


   A healthy soil would ensure proper retention and release of water and nutrients, promote and sustain root growth, maintain soil biotic habitat, respond to management and resist degradation. Sustainable soil health is governed by a number of physical, chemical and biological  attributes
and   processes,  which  are  expressed  by  different   quantitative  and  qualitative  measures. These  attributes  governs  the  productivity,  nutrient and water  use efficiencies and  quality  of produce.

   This  could be achieved in another three  years  through following  sustained effort of the Centre of Excellence  which is  established  at  Trichy  with a   financial  support  by the  Government of Tamil Nadu to a tune of Rs. 470 lakhs.


Project Objectives

Ø  To delineate and mapping of salt affected soils and ground water quality and to develop suitable management strategies

     for improving soil health and crop productivity through Integrated Plant Nutrient System.

Ø   Identification and standardization of microbial consortia and biofertilizers suitable for problem soils and rainfed lands.

Ø  To study impact of sewage and industrial wastes for exploring the possibility of eco-friendly management and wealth.

Ø  To evaluate and demonstrate suitable Integrated Farming System model for sustaining soil health in salt affected soils.

Ø  To train the scientists/ extension functionaries and farmers on areas of soil fertility management and soil health      sustenance and on using decision support system tools viz., DSSIFER, VDK, NUTMON,etc.

Project Strategy
        This project is planned  for establishing Centre of  excellence on  Soil Heath Management at  ADAC & RI, Trichy as the lead centre  for the management of problem soils and water through the development of suitable technologies involving  multi disciplines such as Soil Science, Agronomy, Microbiology,  Crop Physiology,  Environmental Science, Remote Sensing and  Soil and  Water Conservation Engineering through holistic approach.

Project Outcome

Ø Effective monitoring and co-ordination of all the Research and Development activities connected with soil health management studies of different research centres of TNAU through Centre of Excellence on sustainable Soil Health Management can be achieved

Ø  Low cost, Eco friendly viable green technology through the use of improved and efficient biofertilizer inocula with assured quality and enhanced shelf life of Agro products can be achieved

Ø   Reassessment and delineation of problem soils and water sources provides an insight on the severity of problem in the state and also gives vision for the policy planners for sustainable development.

Ø  Site specific management technologies will be of highly useful to the end users to rejuvenate their problem soils and water bodies at safer level. Special package on coastal soil and water management technologies evolved will improve the standard of living in coastal regions

Ø  Effective utilization of sewage and industrial wastes for maintenance of soil health without causing damage to environment.

Ø  Suitable IFS model will be evaluated for different ecosystems for the benefit of small and marginal farmers.

Ø  Economic upliftment and year round income generation of local people.

Ø  Capacity building for the technical persons and educate farmers on soil testing, soil constraints and fertility and their management


Facilities in the Centre

            The Centre will establish a  Centralized instrumentation facility with the following high end equipments. 

o   LC-MS/MS

o   FT-IR

o   Photometer

o   Water purifier system (Millipore)

o   Open top chambers

o   CLPP-Microbial Identification System

o   Gas chromatograph coupled with spectrometer (GC-MS)

o   Deep freezer

o   UV –visible double beam spectrophotometer

o   Refrigerated centrifuge

o   Pressure plate apparatus

o   Wet sieve and dry sieve for soil aggregate analysis

o   Soil core sampling kit