Club Testimonials

Here's what members and recent guests have to say about The Contrarians and Toastmasters

"Measured in terms of monetary returns, since the membership costs are so nominal, the return is exponential. The real investment is the energy you put in improving yourself. I always called Toastmasters, especially The Contrarians, "the school away from school. It truly is." - Jose

"What I really like about this club [The Contrarians] is the friendly atmosphere and constructive evaluations I get from fellow Toastmasters. Before joining Toastmasters, I was very shy and now I have no problem starting conversations with strangers." - Sanjay

"I definitely think that my public speaking and communication skills have improved since joining Toastmasters. My co-workers have noticed that I am more confident when speaking and that I don't talk as fast as I did before. The Contrarians is a diverse group of students, working professionals, and everyone in between and I am grateful for their guidance and encouragement." - Karen

"I like the people & the culture of this club. Everyone contributes in their own unique way & I'm glad to see it thriving! I truly enjoy the synergy the members of this club have created." - Sara

"The first time I participated in Table Topics [impromptu speaking], my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. I walked up to the front, answered the question, sat down, and didn't remember a word I said! That was 2.5 years ago. Since then, I have given many Table Topics responses without the racing heartbeat, with a recollection of what I said, and even won many Table Topics awards. Thank you Contrarians!" - Alicia

"Toastmasters is a vehicle, not a destination. It teaches you the communication and leadership skills that help you get to where you want to be in your personal and professional lives. I'd rather ride to my destination in the tricked-out, tune-blasting, souped-up hybrid known as The Contrarians." - Darryl

"If I don't like doing something that must be done, I come up with excuses to avoid doing it. As soon as I joined this club I was hooked! I cannot get enough of it. I always have fun and entertainment and the members are truly supportive. Visit us and see for yourself. You will be surprised!" - Ana

"Excellent Members. The energy level is high and members are always supportive of each other." - Saira
"We have an energetic and diverse group, and every meeting is different. The Contrarians is a great platform for everyone to voice their opinions and become better communicators." - Marcelo 
"The diversity of the members is one of my favorite things about this club, as is the tolerance of non-mainstream ideas." - Mitchell

"It's not about what you think, but rather that you think...and show up...and jump in! I love it! Here's a group of fun, diverse and supportive people who help you grow and laugh as you go." - Melissa

"The Contrarians Toastmasters Club meetings are a perfect mid week activity and always re-energize me. I am guaranteed to learn something new at every meeting. The members are diverse and the synergy is amazing. The Return on Investment is tenfold! I also enjoy being able to speak my mind on any controversial subject though I'm not required to. It's a great exercise to listen to other member's ideas and opinions respectfully, even if I don't share in them. This is a strong club!" - Amy
“I would like to see many more Toastmasters Clubs living the same idea as The Contrarians - presenting and listening to controversial topics. Toastmasters is all about communication. The world needs communication - across borders, races, cultures and religions. If we do not learn to communicate differing opinions in a respectful way, as well as to listen to different opinions with open-mindedness, we will never have peace on this earth. The Contrarians were founded to establish a platform from which every person can present any topic, without fear of censorship. But not to simply tell his or her opinion in a “one-way” communication style, rather to learn how to deliver a contrary thought in a non-offensive way so that the listeners don't become defensive. Indeed, to remain an open-minded listener can be more difficult than presenting a contrary idea. In The Contrarians, the basic culture is to listen to whatever the other has to say, without shutting down during the speech already formulating a response. I can testify that forcing myself to listen, really listen, has widened my horizons immensely and made me a more knowledgeable and tolerant human being, without abandoning my own ideals and beliefs, thanks to The Contrarians." - H.D.
"I like the themes of the meetings and the energy of the members." - Guest

"You have a very special group here and seem really supportive of each other." - Guest

"I've visited other Toastmasters groups and there isn't another group like yours." - Guest

"I haven't seen the same level of authenticity and character of this club at other clubs." - Guest

"The moment I walked into the room, I felt like I was part of something special." - Guest
"You guys are pretty cool." - Guest

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