Math 96 Online

Please click on the links below to access the course syllabus, outline, test reviews and other important documents and information.
Please be sure to read through the Study Plan, Course Outline, Syllabus, and Multimedia Library Guide to learn about how this class is conducted and see the due dates and on campus scheduled exam dates.  You can access MML through  You can also find help with MML at
Please make arrangements well in advance for the scheduled on campus exam as attendance is only required once between the following dates:
  Final Exam: March 2 - March 8
Information for making an appointment at the TMCC Dandini Campus Proctoring Center can be found at:
Course Information:

*Course registration in MML will begin January 15, but course assignments will not be available until January 23.*  Be sure to register in MML and begin work on the first day of class (January 23) or you  may be dropped.

MML Resources:

Exam Review:

Final Exam Review Answer Key - The answer to #15 is No Solution (the MML program won't allow me to revise it)