Math 120

Please click on the links below to access the course syllabus, outline, test reviews and other important documents and information.
Course Information:

Chapter Worksheets:
Chapter Worksheets are to be printed out by each student and completed in groups in class on the day listed in the course outline.  They will be collected and graded. *They are to be completed on your own as review (not graded) during summer sessions.*

Homework Assignments:
Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the due date listed below.  If you will be in attendance, please turn in on the listed due date in class.  If you will not be in attendance, you may turn it in early to my box in Vista B200 or you may email it to me before the start of class at  If you drop it off in my box, please have the administrative assistant time and date stamp it.
HW 1 due June 4
HW 2 due June 6
HW 3 due June 7
HW 4 due June 12
HW 5 due June 19
HW 6 due June 21
HW 7 due June 26

Test Reviews:
Print out the following review sheets and complete before the in class review day. *For summer sessions, the midterm will cover Test 1 and Test 2 material below.*
Test 3 Review - We will not have a Test 3, but use these as extra review problems for the final.

Final Exam Reviews:
The following practice finals should be printout out and completed to prepare yourself for the final.

Formula Sheet:
Print out 2 copies of the following formula sheet.  One to make notes on in class and one "clean" copy to be used for the exams with nothing written on it or erased.