OK, where do I start.... It has been said that thru a person's life you normally have 3 career changes. I seem to follow that path. Out of high school I joined the military go get my training choice rather than be drafted and be a grunt, knowing I was destined for Vietnam. The path I chose was Army Aviation. Working on aircraft is different than working on cars because if it breaks down in flight, there is nowhere you can pull over and fix it up there, so it has to be right when the plane takes off. After returning from 'Nam, I got married to the sweetheart I met at sixteen years old, and we have 3 children, all grown with families of their own now, and the pleasure of having six grandchildren and one great grandson! I supported my growing family by working in a local automobile dealership as a Certified Master Automobile Technician for about 23 years. Talk about a regular job jumper.... The last year and a half at the dealership I taught part-time at TMCC in the evenings in the Automotive areas, that is where I found my most enjoyable career, and is how I landed a full-time teaching position. I truly love teaching the person who is willing to learn. With what you already know, and me sharing with you everything I know, pretty soon you will be smarter than me!!!
     Welcome and enjoy the semester....Ray

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