2009 - present: Part-time instructor at Truckee Meadows Community College, Workforce Development and Continuing Education, TMCC/WDCE teaching courses in computing


2001 – present: Consulting


1998 to 2001: Los Alamos National Laboratory:

Group Leader in the Nonproliferation and International Security Division

Provided leadership and management for a group engaged in nonproliferation systems studies and policy analysis, developing information analysis algorithms and soft­ware, and developing information management systems. Core capa­bilities include knowledge of nuclear material process chemistry, facility operations, destructive and nondestructive measurement methods, simulation, modeling, data analysis (including statistics, machine learning, and anomaly detection), and software develop­ment using object-oriented approaches and client/server architectures.


2000 to 2001: Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Program Manager in the Nonproliferation and International Security Division

Simultaneous to the group leader position above, responsible for all programs within the Nonproliferation and Arms Control. Responsibilities of this program office  “preventing and controlling proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; support to international arms control and reductions; domestic and international nuclear safeguards; export-control programs; and interactions with the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, State Department and National Security Council on nonproliferation and arms control issues”.

1989 to 2000: Los Alamos National Laboratory:

      • 1995 to 2000:  Deputy Group Leader in the Nonproliferation and International Security Division
        • 1989 to 1996:  Technical Staff Member
Principal Investigator and Technical Project Leader for the NSA portion of the Software Toolkit for Analysis Research (STAR) project. Tool designed to locate phe­nomena of interest in large, complex data sets. Software design and development.

Technical Project Leader for software development for the Inventory Verification System (IVS). Real-time, video-based surveillance tool. Requirements definition, soft­ware design, development, maintenance, effectiveness testing, and ports.


Knowledge Fusion Technologies Project: Extraction of information from high-dimensionality data for DOE/NN-20. Design, develop­ment, and integration of software containing machine learning and advanced computation methods.


Improved Variance Propagation Technology: Potential successor to Materials Accounting with Sequential Testing (MAWST). Software design and implementation.


Technical lead for Wisdom and Sense Project, anomaly and misuse detection software.  Software design, implementation, effectiveness testing.


   1986 to 1989:  Cray Research Inc.


Ada Project, Senior Analyst/Product Coordinator.  Software design and development of an Ada optimizing compiler and   environment.  (Santa Fe, NM)

   1980 to 1986:  Associate Group Leader and Technical Staff member in the Computing Division, LANL


Group core functions included research in supercomputing, distributed processing, and multi-tasking, devel­opment and maintenance of a production quality programming envi­ronment for all computers in the Central Computing Facility (compilers, debuggers, libraries, utilities, and quality assurance) and consulting.  Technical and supervisory responsibility for 20 staff members.  Strategic planning, performance appraisals and salary management, and budget responsibilities.


Early in my career for high schools in New Jersey and New Mexico, established curricula in computer science and computing. Also taught computer science at a community college in Los Alamos, NM as well as math in high schools.


     University of New Mexico: Post-masters work in computer science


     Montclair State University: Masters in Mathematics/Computer Science


     Syracuse University (and annex in Florence, Italy): Bachelor of Science in Mathematics