Software Development Expertise:

  • Languages: Java, C++, (Ada, Fortran, Basic, various assembly languages), SQL, script writing (Perl, Bourne and C Shells).
  • Operating Systems: Unix, Windows (Vista, XP, and DOS)
  •  Computer Types: Scientific work stations, supercomputers, PC desktops and lap tops - - networked and stand-alones
  •  Application Development: Anomaly detection software, databases development, various scientific applications
Relevant Computer Application Expertise:
  • Applications: Web browsers (Firefox, Explorer, . . .) and search engines, Microsoft Outlook and Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Quicken, Turbo Tax, email (including interface to various providers and dealing with attachments, contacts, saving and retrieving email, dealing with junk mail), calendar management, file management. Customizing applications.
  • Basics: Terminology, “help” options, components (memory, hard drives, external drives and devices including printers, scanners, cameras, cell phones, PDAs, . . . ). Downloads/uploads and backing up personal data. Advice on purchasing hardware and software.
  • Security Issues: Handling viruses and other threats, firewalls, password issues, securing personal information.
  • Maintenance: Backup, recovery, restore points, disk cleanup, defragmenting, finding and installing updates, security issues (including software to prevent viruses). Trouble shooting.
  • Users: From entry level to expert