Second Assignment Sheet

Second Assignment Sheet Spring 2011

All dates on this sheet are subject to change.  Your not being in class when changes are announced does not excuse you from missing deadlines.

TENTATIVE assignment dates

Feb 23                   First Set of Critical Thinking Questions    April 11                 Second Exam

March 2                First Exam                                                           April 25                 Second YAT Paper                          

March 9                First You Are There Paper                            May 2                    Federalism vs. States Rights Paper

April 4                   Second Critical Thinking Questions           May 11                 Final Exam


Wednesday     March 9          Continue Chapter 8     Washington’s 2nd term, Adams Administration

                                                First You Are There Paper


Monday           March 14 & Wed March 16               Spring Break!!!


Monday           March 21        Finsih Chapter 6,         Begin Chapter 9          Jefferson as President


Wednesday     March 23        Continue Chapter 9     Jefferson’s Second Term, Madison elected


Monday           March 28        War if 1812                 Finish Chapter 9, Begin Chapter 12  EKection of 1824


Wednesday     March 30        Continue Chapter 12   Age of Jackson


Monday           April 4             Finish Chapter 12       

                                                Second set of Critical Thinking Questions


Wednesday     April 6             Begin Chapter 14        Polk as President


Monday           April 11           Second Exam